SPASH's Moe finishes second in trick shot contest held by WNBA player

SPASH basketball player Tahlia Moe at her home in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on April 30, 2020. (WSAW)
SPASH basketball player Tahlia Moe at her home in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on April 30, 2020. (WSAW)(WSAW)
Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 9:59 PM CDT
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A few weeks ago the NBA hosted a televised HORSE competition. The most notable upset of the entire contest came when WNBA star Allie Quigley took down ten-time NBA All Star Chris Paul.

One of Quigley’s signature moments was her making a shot while sitting down. She then started the #quarantinequigleychallenge, for other players to send in their best shots while taking a seat. A SPASH hooper one-upped the three-time WNBA All-Star.

"It was really nice to be on the edge of my seat."

SPASH Point guard Tahlia Moe burst onto the scene as a freshmen, earning All-Conference Honors in the Wisconsin Valley and SPASH'S basketball rookie of the year award.

But now, she's best known for a backwards, juggling, three-point shot while sitting down.

"Last summer I was out here with one of my brothers, and we were just messing around doing trick shots,” Moe said. “And I was juggling and I was standing up and threw it backwards. And then I decided since you had to be sitting down (for Quigley’s contest), I would just do the same thing."

The shot was good for second place in Quigley's contest, meaning Moe has a signed jersey and picture coming her way from one of her favorite players.

“I went to an All-Star game, and I actually got to meet her, and it was the year she won the three-point contest and had also beat out Steph Curry that year,” Moe said. “So I've been a fan of her ever since."

Whenever the Panthers return to the court, Moe will be one of their key pieces, and she thinks this experience might give her a little extra juice.

"I think the fact that I won and now people are like 'oh she's the juggling girl.' it kind of makes me feel like I'm more known,” Moe said. “It'll just give me a little more confidence, like people know who I am, they're not going to doubt me as much."

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