Ryan challenger has only consulted for free

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- House Speaker Paul Ryan's primary challenger bills himself as owner of a small consulting business. But his campaign says he has only consulted with personal clients for free in the two years since he founded the firm.

Paul Nehlen's campaign website offers only a vague description of Blue Skies Global LLC's services and lists no contact information.

His campaign issued a statement Tuesday saying Nehlen formed the firm as a part-time, home-based business in 2014. Shortly thereafter, he took a new full-time job as a senior vice president Neptune Benson. He says Nehlen has only consulted with some personal clients for free in his Blue Skies capacity.

Nehlen faces a steep uphill battle against Ryan, the highest-ranking Republican in the country and an 18-year incumbent. Ryan's campaign spokesman declined comment.