Ruby Coffee Roasters opens first shop in Stevens Point

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) --- Ruby Coffee Roasters may be a local brand, but it has state and national recognition for its coffee. Soon, you can try it for yourself, because a coffee shop is about to open in Stevens Point.

Ruby Coffee began in 2013 when Jared Linzmeier and his wife, Deanna, began roasting in their garage. Now, their brand has national recognition and was recently awarded the 2019 Best Roaster in the state by Food & Wine Magazine.

"So I began working in coffee in Los Angeles, and then I moved to Portland where I continued to work in the industry. And then Seattle is when I started traveling to producing countries to buy coffee," said Linzmeier.

He's bringing his knowledge of coffee to Stevens Point, where Ruby Coffee Roasters will have its very own coffee shop.

"In the beginning, we roasted in my garage, and we're in the middle of Wisconsin. So a lot of people don't think that a national brand is going to grow from a garage," said Linzmeier. "When I get excited about a coffee, it has a unique profile that is representative of a particular farm and a particular origin, a particular region."

Having traveled the world to find the best coffee farms, Linzmeier knows what goes into a delicious cup. And those delicious cups are now nationally recognized.

"What a lot of people don't know, is that coffee is a fruit, and the riper the fruit is the sweeter it's going to taste in a cup after we roast it," he said. "Wall Street Journal has written us up, there was a thing in GQ. I think they called me the 'Bon Iver of coffee' which I thought was kind of funny."

The coffee shop opening is Linzmeier's way to bring his coffee, sourced from farms around the world, to customers right here in central Wisconsin.

"I definitely have my roots here, but also I think Stevens Point has a really unique community, and a really unique set of businesses and a lot of shifts in the culture that are happening right now," he said.

And why the name, 'Ruby Coffee Roasters?'

"The name Ruby comes from my grandma, Ruby Szitta, she lives in Gleason and she just turned 90 this year," said Linzmeier. He said Grandma Ruby loves what Jared and his wife are doing, and she remains their biggest fan.

"It's been really wonderful, having my grandma with us through this process. To not just show her the sort of honor of naming the business after her, but also for her to see our success outside of just roasting in the garage and to move on and to see that we've grown beyond that is really cool."

The Grand Opening is Sat. May 18, and once open they will operate daily from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. The coffee shop is located at 1410 Third Street in Stevens Point.

For more information on Ruby Coffee Roasters, you can go to their website by clicking here.