Rocks painted to honor deadly shooting victim, Patty Grimm

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- A group focused on spreading joy through painted rocks has painted more than three-dozen rocks honoring a woman killed as result of a shooting in Wausau Oct. 3.

Patty Grimm, 52, was one of three people shot at Pine Grove Cemetery. She was the general manager. She died at the scene. William Buhse, 60, of Wausau, remains in critical condition. He is the cemetery's foreman. Rosemelia Short, 70, of Wausau, was treated for injuries and has since been released from the hospital. Short is related to a cemetery employee.

Angel Heinemann is member of Wausau Rocks. She paint several of the rocks and says it's important the design memorialized Patty.

"I spoke with some of Patty's friends and they suggested that she often wore black and she likes pearls and there was a particular gold cross she would wear. So we tried to go with a black color. And then a metallic color that kind of catches her hair shade to look wispy like her hair. And then we also put symbols of that cross necklace that she likes to wear on the rocks. And a little heart to show that she is loved," Heinemann said.

Wausau Rocks was started in 2017, with the goal of spreading positivity. The artists hope the painted rocks will connect with the person who finds it in a more meaningful way than just looking pretty or being out of the ordinary. The rocks are painted and hidden in public places around Wausau for others to find.

Grimm’s funeral was Oct. 8.