UPDATE: Rhinelander's mayor on Guild's near-suspension; Guild on vacation

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RHINELANDER, Wis. (WSAW) -- Rhinelander mayor Chris Frederickson spoke to NewsChannel 7 Friday on city administrator Daniel Guild's near-suspension Tuesday night.

Frederickson voted against Guild's hiring last September, but this week, he was the vote that kept Guild from being suspended with pay.

In response to whether he agreed with the accusations included in a letter of "no confidence in Daniel Guild" submitted by five city employees Tuesday, Frederickson said it was the first time he'd heard of complaints that serious in nature.

"You know, the point of those accusations, I feel it's my job to look into the validity of them, and then be able to make the decision," he noted.

He added that there would be "different decisions" to consider in addition to suspension, if the accusations were to prove correct.

The letter states that Guild is rarely in his office to answer questions, and "often doesn't respond" to emails and other communication. The complaints echo a 2017 performance review released to media when Guild was Weston's village administrator. When asked whether Frederickson had been aware of those issues when Guild was first hired, he said he hadn't seen the review until after Rhinelander hired Guild.

Guild's contract, however, only stipulates that he have a presence in city hall, Frederickson noted.

"This is rumor," Frederickson stated about the criminal actions alluded to in the no confidence letter. "There have been rumors of email chains that we are looking into."

Guild left on vacation two days after his near-suspension on Tuesday. Frederickson says he asked for the time off about a week and a half ago.

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