Restaurants provide hot food during record cold days

Published: Jan. 31, 2019 at 9:38 PM CST
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Just because the temperatures go down, doesn't mean your need for a tasty meal goes away.

Local restaurants and delivery drivers are going to extra lengths to keep you fed and happy.

Area coffee shops and drive-thru window staff have to do a little extra prep work to make sure they can get your hot cup in hand, some utilizing space heaters in windows.

For local delivery companies like Bite Squad, this is prime time for growth, for employees willing to layer up.

"Business has increased 22% just from yesterday to today. Our staffing doubled yesterday and tripled today. We usually run about 11 drivers on a typical Wednesday dinner. I will be driver number 26 this evening," Sharleen Bruder with Bite Squad explained.

Biggby Coffee barista, Jared Garske, said a little space heater in the window serves a dual purpose when temperatures get as low as they have this week, "We get it out specifically in the morning to help defrost the windows. Since it's out there- because with he humidity in here- it will collect on that window and just completely freeze over. So, that's to help take care of that issue, but throughout the day it's also to help keep us kind of on the warmer side."

We called around to several restaurants with delivery to see who was open and who wasn't.

Some restaurants we found remained open but only for carry-out.

So, if you're hungry, it's best to call ahead and check if your favorite spot is up and running.

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