Restaurant offers free Christmas lunch with volunteer staff

Published: Dec. 25, 2019 at 5:21 PM CST
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Tine & Cellar in Weston offered Christmas lunch Wednesday, not just for people needing some extra help this holiday, but also for anyone who didn't have plans.

"Guys, how's everything going?" asked Morgan Ammel, a staff member at Tine & Cellar, to the table she was serving.

Their staff volunteered to work for free, with no donations asked and any tips going to a local charity they chose after they closed.

“We have a lot of friends and family that decided they’d like to pop down and help out with it as well, so we’re lucky,” said owner Michael Masgay.

One staff member was eager to volunteer.

"When this position opened itself up to me today, I took it as fast as I could,” she said.

For Ammel, the decision was easy.

"I grew up with a dad who believed in civic service like crazy, and I lost him suddenly five years ago,” she said.

She and her dad used to deliver meals to people who could not leave the house on Christmas.

"Today is a great way for me to keep his memory alive and have my six-year-old come to work with me and keep his traditions going for another generation," she said.

"Why are we doing this today?" she asked her daughter.

"To make the Christmas joy," her daughter said.

She's passing on his mission at Tine & Cellar.

"I see a lot of qualities in my dad that I see in my boss. He loves our community, he loves all the people in it, and he just wants to thank everybody," she said.

This is their first Christmas open. Masgay said he’s had success with a free Christmas lunch at his other restaurants in Plover, and he wanted to bring it to Weston.

"It's not necessarily for the needy or anything like that, it's just for people who don't have anything going on for the holidays or want to get out and just celebrate in an upbeat atmosphere and get out an enjoy the holiday around a bunch of people," he said.

And it’s to thank the community that’s welcomed them.

"Being a new business, it's nice to kind of get ourself out there and say, 'Thank you. Thank you so much for welcoming us into the community. We just want to open our doors for anyone and everyone," Ammel said.