Remaining debris cleared from site of Wausau laundromat fire

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The remaining debris at the site of an April laundromat fire in Wausau is expected to be cleared this week.

The Rainbow Laundry and Blossoms and Bows building was destroyed April 9 in what authorities said was arson. Both businesses were located near 2nd Avenue S and Clark Street on Wausau's west side.

Wausau Marshall Fire Inspector Dave Desantis said the building was assessed at $249,600. And the contents inside were valued at more than $750,000.

City inspector Bill Herbert said Emmerich Associates owns the site. A spokeswoman from Emmerich Associates told NewsChannel 7 there are currently no plans for the location.

Azeez Hakeem, 31, of Wausau remains in custody on $50,000 cash bond. According to court documents, he admitted to officers at the scene that he started the fire.

Hakeem said he had been working and living at the laundromat. He said he and the owner had a disagreement on April 8 and the owner terminated the relationship. Hakeem was told to take his possessions and leave. Hakeem told the officer he lit his possessions on fire because he did not know what else to do with them.

He's scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.