Region leaders roll out plan to change the Greater Wausau Area as we know it

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) Region leaders are working on completely changing the Greater Wausau Area as we know it. It's done in the name of economic growth.

The Wausau Chamber of Commerce and MCDEVO, a business consulting agency, rolled out their economic development strategic plan. It outlines a picture of growth and prosperity in the region all within the timeline of a decade.

The plan is centered on three initiatives: attracting skilled and talented works, inspiring innovation through supporting entrepreneurial companies, and developing quality places and amenities. Wausau Chamber of Commerce CEO Dave Eckman said the plan is a collaborative effort.

"This is a community effort this is not a one organization or one person."

The chamber is allowing and encourage comments on the plan, which is still in draft form. You can find the plan here: