Red Cross: How to dry out your home after a flood

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Many homeowners and businesses in Wisconsin have been affected by flooding. If a professional is not available to assist with clean-up, the Red Cross' Disaster Recovery guide has information on to dry out your home and salvage your belongings.

The Red Cross stated to aid in the dry-out process, lower the humidity in your home. They said there are several ways to do that. They suggest opening doors and windows if the humidity outside is drier than air inside the building. In addition to using fans and dehumidifiers, they say to use desiccants-- materials that absorb moisture. Desiccants include clay cat litter, calcium chloride pellets, and chemical dehumidifier packs. They suggest hanging calcium chloride pellets (used to melt ice) in a pillow case to absorb moisture.

They caution while it may seem like a good idea to put damp items in the sun, it will likely cause them to warp.

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