New recycling app is in beta testing stage in Weston

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 5:41 PM CDT
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Figuring out which items at home you can and can't recycle can be a trickier task than you think. That's why a Kronenwetter woman and her brother have created an app that may help residents across Central Wisconsin solve that problem soon.

Michelle Goetsch was frustrated with not knowing what she could recycle, so she decided to do something about it.

"Early in 2018 I said 'this is ridiculous, I care a lot about the environment and recycling,” says Goetsch. "I said, ‘Why can't I just have an app where you scan the bar-code of any product and it tells you exactly how to recycle it in your local community?’."

Goetsch and her younger brother, based in Washington D.C. created that app. Called ERbin. The app is in its beta testing stage in Weston right now.

If all goes well in Weston, the hope is to expand it to Central Wisconsin in the next year.

"You can replicate this in every single community,” says Goetsch. “So the beta version that's out is custom to the village of Weston, we can easily in the background customize it for Wausau."

Why should you use ERbin other than being environmentally friendly? They plan on giving back to the communities that use it more.

Goetsch explains: "We as an organization will donate dependent on how many scans we get in a certain community, to a local initiative."

If that's not enough, it could help your own wallet too by saving tax money.

Valerie Parker, planning technician for the Village of Weston says: "The more we can get our taxpayers and citizens to recycle, and recycle properly, ultimately we could see a savings on our costs for garbage and recycling."

It's important to test the app so that ERbin can expand its product database. In the meantime Weston residents can find the app on Apple or Android devices or on Google Play.

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