Auto shops are full after record-breaking snowfall

WAUSAU, WIs. (WSAW)-- After record breaking snowfall Tuesday, shops like Tires Plus are busy.

"This type of weather definitely drives tire business. We get the most flat tires when the tires are wet, when it's raining or snowing like this. And traction, today is the day people need to get around, so traction," Tires Plus manager Michael Graves said.

Even though it can be a hassle, Graves says if you have an issue with your car, get it fixed sooner rather than later.

"We're pushing the end of winter here, and some people are trying to get through to that last month, well we've got the snow now," Graves explained.

Now the extra care is necessary, especially with the major snowfall.

"It's really hard on a car, these extremes. It's very hard on a car," Graves mentioned.