UPDATE: Recall results in, 4 of 5 aldermen retain their seats

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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) Four of five aldermen up for a recall election in Merrill will retain their seats on the council.

In March a group of community members gathered enough signatures and filed paperwork to recall District 1 alderman Paul Russell, District 5 alderman John Van Lieshout, District 6 alderman David Sukow, District 7 alderman and council president Rob Norton, and District 8 alderman Tim Meehean.

Meehean lost his seat to Steve Sabatke by 18 votes.

City clerk Bill Heideman said all the aldermen will face another election next April.

"Regardless of who triumphs...they will be on the ballot, the term will expire next April," Heideman explained. For that reason, some say the recall wasn't necessary.

"The recall in my opinion was something that wasn't really necessary at this time," Merrill resident Gene Bebel told NewsChannel 7. "We're not that far away from the regular election."

The statements filed by the group at city hall cite several reasons for the recall, including; mismanagement, misinformation, possible illegal activity, and violations of open meeting laws.

Many just want the city to move past the election once it's over.

"We need to get this over with and get on with making Merrill a good place to be," Bebel noted.

"Recalls sometimes bring out the worst in people," Heideman noted. "Things are said maybe that shouldn't be said...The healing process should begin immediately tonight when this is all over."