Rainy year fails to put a damper on fall fun

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 6:31 PM CDT
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Sunday's perfect weather means people get to squeeze some extra time out of pumpkin and apple picking.

Helene's Hilltop Orchard in Merrill was buzzing with people and still going strong after a wet year in Wisconsin.

"The pumpkins are big, huge this year," said Olivia Telschow, the owner of Helene’s.

The rainy year didn't throw off pumpkin picking at the orchard.

"With pumpkins, the fields are muddy, you need boots. But we're not taking tractors out and there's no heavy equipment in the fields, so we are very fortunate in that manner," Telschow said.

The orchard is running like it never even snowed last Saturday.

"It's amazing. The more it snowed last weekend, the more people came out. They wanted to be out in the weather, enjoying something fall," she said.

"Good apple cider, donuts, dumplings everything that's out here, pumpkins," said Chris Ziegel, naming the reasons he and his family came out to Helene’s Sunday.

"While pumpkin picking might seem like something you'd do with grandparents, Telschow also said they've seen plenty of millennials this year.

"They're out on dates, we had a proposal yesterday. It's quite the place for high school dates on a Friday afternoon, especially if there's no school," she said.

The orchard will stay open until Halloween, so if you missed out Sunday, you still have a chance next weekend.