Wausau committee scraps proposal banning hunters from hanging animal carcasses in yards

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The city of Wausau's Public Health and Safety Committee is not moving forward with a proposal that would prevent hunters from hanging deer carcasses in their yards.

The idea for the Draft of Public Display or Processing of Animals Ordinance came from a resident who lives on the city's south east side. They complained about a neighbor who was hanging carcasses in their front yard, which is near an elementary school.

The committee said since the proposal was released, they've gotten a lot of opinions about it. "Based on the volume of public opinion that we received, I am glad to see that this ordnance stops here and that it didn't go any further because I think that it is an example of what a lot of people would consider an overreach. It would create too big of an impact for a very small problem," said Chairperson Lisa Rasmussen.

During Monday night's meeting, residents were allowed to give their opinions on the proposal. Those who did, spoke out against the measure.