Preparing yourself and livestock for cold weather

(WSAW) -- As cold weather approaches, we need to get ready. Winter preparation is important for not only our animals, but for us as well.

Dr. Heather Schlesser with the UW-Extension in Marathon County sat down on NewsChannel 7 at Noon to give the following advice on getting cold weather prepared.

When working outside on cold winter days it is important to:

- Schedule frequent short breaks in warm dry areas to allow the body to warm up
- Schedule outside work during the warmest part of the day.
- Work in pairs
- Drink warm sweet beverages, and avoid alcohol
- Dress warm and stay dry
- Check the barn for areas of standing water that can freeze and become a hazard for you and the animals

Know the signs of cold stress:
- Skin turns red, then purple, then white or very pale
- Cold, tingling, or aching feeling in the frostbitten area
- Hard or blistering skin in severe cases

How to prepare the animals for cold weather:
- Make sure stalls and pens are clean to prevent matting of hair
- Calves should be deep bedded
- Protect animals from wind
- Keep animals dry and clean
- Increase energy content of feed - increase concentration/ increase amount fed