Kindergartner hit, killed by vehicle while waiting for school bus; sister, 4, injured

Portion of Highway 73 near Plainfield closed due to fatal crash involving child-pedestrian....
Portion of Highway 73 near Plainfield closed due to fatal crash involving child-pedestrian. Feb. 10, 2020. (WSAW-TV)(WSAW)
Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 9:06 AM CST
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Highway 73 near Plainfield is reopen after a 6-year-old student was hit and killed by a vehicle this morning while waiting to get on the school bus. Her 4-year-old sister was injured.

The district administrator for Tri-County Area School District says the bus which had its lights flashing was stopped at the time when a pickup tried to pass it on the right-hand side, hitting and killing a kindergartner and leaving a young sibling hurt.

Their names have not been released, and the investigation into what happened continues.

Counselors have been on hand in the Tri-County Area School District to help students cope with what happened.

Only about 800 people live in Plainfield. A teacher in the district said it's been a somber day.

“We’re such a small, tight-knit community that everybody really feels the tragedy,” said 5th and 6th grade teacher Korryn Dean of the Tri-County School District.

“Somber, very quiet, some students have gone home, I think the majority that were on the bus have been picked up, gone home,” she said.

But it’s not just at school. She says everyone in this town knew the family and is stunned.

“When something happens in this community, everybody sticks together,” she said.

Dean says everyone is praying for the family.

That portion of the highway was closed for several hours, but has since reopened. Counselors were at the school to help students and staff.

A message on the district’s website stated in part, the surviving victim has been released from medical care with relatively minor injuries.


Bus Incident This Morning

For Immediate Release

Anthony Marinack

District Administrator, Tri-County Area Schools




February 10, 2020

The below paragraph was released earlier today regarding the fatal incident that occurred during bus pick-up this morning:

A tragic accident occurred today prior to school in association with a bus pick-up. At approximately 7:15 this morning, a vehicle-student collision took place as a family of students was waiting to board their already-stopped (with lights flashing) bus (TC Bus 36). The accident occurred on Hwy 73 southeast of Plainfield and the vehicle involved in the incident was traveling in the same direction (southbound) as our TC Bus. Tragically, one 6-year-old member of our kindergarten class was killed as a result of this incident. One other member of this sweet young girl's family was involved in the incident but has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Unfortunately, we do not currently have more information on hand regarding her status, as an investigation of the event is still underway by State Patrol in conjunction with Waushara County Sheriff’s Department.


In the hours since this earlier release, the following information has become available:

After meeting with the mother/family of the children involved in this tragic incident, we are able to confirm that the second child involved in this vehicle-student collision – the 4-year-old sister of the accident’s fatal victim – has been released from medical care with relatively minor injuries and is home recovering with her family.   

District counselors, support personnel from Waushara County Crisis Team, and additional counselors from the Wautoma School District have been available throughout the day to aid students and staff in processing this heartbreaking event.  The District would like to offer sincere gratitude to the numerous school districts who reached out to extend their condolences, many of whom also offered to lend counseling support to our students and staff if needed.  


Please keep the family of these children in your thoughts and prayers…