Polka Lovers Make Nice Donation to Share Your Holidays

Published: Dec. 9, 2010 at 8:12 AM CST
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NewsChannel 7 has learned people who love polkas are pretty generous as well.

The group, Polka productions, recently took a trip to Atlanta for the Packers-Falcons game.

Anyone on the tour vehicle who uses the term "bus" instead of "coach" had to donate a dime.

Enough of the 100 people on the trip used the wrong term that they raised about $47. They're donating it to Share Your Holidays.

Thanks to everyone at Polka Productions for helping our cause!

Remember, you can drop off money and non-perishable food at the NewsChannel 7 studios on Grand Ave. and at all River Valley Bank branches.

Shopko, Wausau Area Wagner Shell Stations and local Perkins restaurants are also taking donations of non-perishable food.

All of it goes to the Salvation Army and Neighbor's Place.

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