Political science experts weigh in on what impeachment could mean for Pres. Trump

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 10:13 PM CST
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After the House of Representatives voted in favor of sending two impeachment articles against President Trump to the Senate, political experts say this could have a big impact on which party will win Wisconsin come November.

“President Trump could easily lose Wisconsin, and if he does, he will have a very narrow path to winning the presidency,” stated Edward Miller, former Political Science professor from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Miller says you can't compare the impeachment of President Donald Trump to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, because those were both completely different situations. Historically, after Clinton was impeached by Republicans, the Democrats came back stronger in the next election. Miller says that might not happen this time around.

“What happened with Bill Clinton had nothing to do with policy,” explained Miller. “This is different. This is about having a president accused of using U.S. policy to his own benefit.”

Either way, impeachment could be used to rally up both Republican and Democrats. Miller says those who support the President will head to the polls and vote for him regardless. However, impeachment could easily be used to sway people towards the democratic candidate.

Because Wisconsin is such an important state for this election, if the president holds rallies in Wisconsin it could allow him a chance at securing his base here. Miller says if the voter turnout is higher than what it was during the 2016 elections, particularly in Milwaukee, then Trump could lose the state to Democrats.

The Director of the Marquette University Law School Poll, Charles Franklin, says both parties are using impeachment to their benefit.

“I think for Trump supports it’s a natural spot for them to rally around,” stated Franklin. “I also think the democrats have also rallied around it to a degree but not as intense as republicans.”

Miller projects that this upcoming election the country will see a blue wave similar to what was seen in the House of Representatives in 2019. He says more Republican seats are up for reelection in the U.S. Senate and that Democrats only need a few wins to take control.

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