Police reports: Neighbors concerned about accused Wausau shooter’s gun, state of mind prior to eviction

Published: Nov. 12, 2019 at 3:39 PM CST
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Dozens of newly-released police reports from the Everest Metro Police Department reveal frequent contacts with law enforcement for Henry West, the man accused of

in a shooting spree at the Pine Grove Cemetery on October 3.

In the months leading up to Henry West’s eviction, on the same day he’s accused of shooting three people, reports from EMPD show a welfare check was requested for West on July 28. The person making the call reported West had been asked to leave the apartment complex and was “taking it hard”. He had recently purchased a gun, the caller said, and was saying he “would not be around anymore”. West told police he was referring to moving out of the apartment complex.

West lived at 117 Fullmer Street in Weston, where he’s also accused of setting fire on October 3 to a garage, tampering with the gas line and laying enough makeshift explosives that police

According to the criminal complaint for West’s shooting charges, a maintenance man for the apartment complex said West had made comments about not liking the management at Fullmer Street apartments, and had also made comments about being very upset and making threats against cemetery management after his firing from Pine Grove Cemetery. The apartment complex manager said that once the eviction process was finalized, West had said he would “make the news big time”.

The last police contact reported with EMPD occurred September 4, 2019, when police were called due to an unidentified caller finding out a “neighbor has been taking photos” or the reporting party and that person’s family. EMPD told NewsChannel 7 they redacted all identities and addresses of neighbors and callers included in the reports due to the pending court case and the potential that some are victims or would need to serve as witnesses in West’s case.

West was fired from Pine Grove Cemetery in 2012, the Wausau Police Department reported. More than two dozen contacts between Henry West and the EMPD are recorded in the documents released Tuesday, most of which involve neighbor disputes, fights, and reports that West was driving without a license.

In 2013, West—referred to as “Hank”—was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct along with a neighbor after getting into a fight with each other. “Hank” was transported by ambulance and treated for facial injuries; the neighbor who initiated the call felt his actions were in self-defense. Records of West’s arrest and the charges recommended by EMPD were later dropped by Marathon County. The neighbor, Stuart Schwartz, spoke previously with NewsChannel 7, and was convicted of disorderly conduct from that incident.

Wausau Police Department has twice declined requests for reports of contact with Henry West prior to October 3, citing the ongoing court case and investigation. CAD reports from the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office attach Henry West to a November 2012 case of suspected arson at Pine Grove Cemetery, but it is unclear what the nature of his inclusion in the report is without WPD incident reports. MCSO told NewsChannel 7 they had not had direct contact with West prior to October 3.

West is facing one count of first-degree intentional homicide, 11 counts of attempted homicide, and multiple counts of attempted arson. A pre-trial conference is set for November 21, and he is currently behind bars on a $10 million cash bond.

A complete list of West's contact with Everest Metro police follows:


Caller: Henry West

Nature: Criminal miscellaneous

Notes: Neighbor accusing West of damaging her vehicle

Advised to have no contact, both would go to jail if this continues


Caller: Henry West

Someone egged Henry West’s van

Accused of blocking WiFi signal


Nature: Fight

Caller: Redacted

Henry West and (name redacted) arrested for battery and disorderly conduct after a physical fight.

Fight started in an apartment. Both parties injured.

Case report: Cleared by arrest


Nature: Criminal Misc.

Caller: Henry West

Argument with another tenant.

“Hank was also advised he can’t ask people to leave other people’s apartments. Hank was advised to return to his apartment.”


Nature: Criminal Misc.

Caller: Redacted

Caller was the person Henry West was arrested for fighting on 4/15/13.

Got into in another verbal altercation with Hank at a social gathering.


Nature: Criminal Misc.

Caller: Henry West

Caller says “subject is sitting on picnic table across from house watching him and smiling”

Both (redacted name) and West live in the same building, but there is a judge’s order to stay away.

Officer “advised West he going to have to develop thicker skin if he chooses to remain living here with (redacted name)”


Nature: Extra Patrol

Caller: Refused

Caller says West doesn’t have license, insurance but continues to drive.


Nature: Traffic Misc.

Caller: Refused

Caller says West is driving without a license


Nature: Vehicle At Large

Caller: Refused

Report: Gray hair, glasses, Henry West. No one located.


Nature: Structure Fire

Caller: Redacted

Caller reports possible grease fire on stove in [redacted] apartment.

West told officers how he believed it had started, and that he believed he had extinguished it.

Slight structural damage to apartment, and smoke damage.

Fire was ruled accidental.


Nature: Criminal Misc.

Caller: Redacted

Caller reports a verbal argument between Henry West and (name redacted)

Officer noted that (name redacted) could be arrested for intentionally having contact with West, although the reverse was not true.

No arrests were made.


Nature: Criminal Theft

Caller: Henry West

Someone stole the license plate off West’s car


Nature: Family Disturbance

Caller: Redacted

Caller reported altercation taking place. Male harassing female.

Officer says it was a dispute over $20 that the male accused the female of stealing.

Female accused male of grabbing her arm.


Nature: Vehicle at Large

Caller: Redacted

Caller reports Henry wasn’t driving his motorcycle on the roadway. “I warned Henry for this.”


Nature: Follow-Up Investigation

Caller: Redacted

Caller reports the maintenance manager Hank (a.k.a. Henry West), was “giving him a hard time calling him stupid and getting aggressive.”

(name redacted) says Hank was creating a disturbance at the residence.


Nature: Vehicle at Large

Caller: Redacted

Caller reports Henry West is driving his van without a license.


Nature: Welfare Check

Caller: Henry West

West called police about a tenant “yelling and roaming around parking lot.”

Woman told officers “she can only get her phoe to work on speaker phone and has to yell into it which is why she was yelling.”

Officer told her she can’t be yelling, creating a scene.


Nature: Civil Complaint

Caller: Henry West

West requested police presence when he “opens the door to another tenant he’s having problems with.”

Officer says a woman was locked out of her apartment and needed Henry to open the door.

West said she “has accused Henry of numerous things, so he wanted someone here with him when he opened it so she can’t make any more false allegations against him.”


Nature: Extra Patrol

Caller: Refused

Caller is one of the managers at apartment complex.

Says Henry West does not have a valid driver’s license or insurance but continues to drive.


Nature: Criminal Misc.

Caller: Henry West

West reports his landlord is threatening him.

West is going to “kick his a**”

Both (name redacted) and West work for the land owner, and don’t get along.

Reported a verbal confrontation, but were separated.


Nature: Attempt to Locate

Caller: Redacted

West is driving without a license or insurance.


Nature: Vehicle at Large

Caller: Redacted

West is driving without a license or insurance.


Nature: Suspicious Activity

Caller: Redacted

(name redacted) and the maintenance man were arguing.

(name redacted) parked over a pile of leaves he had raked up.

He yelled at her, calling her a “fat stupid b****”

Reporting party said (name redacted) was there to sell a tv stand from a Facebook post. A following post threatened West with a fight. Reporting party wanted officers to know “in case something happens to the maintenance man.”


Nature: Burglary

Caller: Redacted

Caller reported some missing sweaters. Officer spoke to Henry, who didn’t know anything.

Caller later found the sweaters, which were misplaced.


Nature: Civil Complaint

Caller: Henry West

West needs to get his belongings out of a garage, and wants an officer on standby.

“He just wants to keep the peace.”


Nature: Welfare Check

Caller: Refused

Officer made contact with (name redated) who says she has not seen Henry recently, and heard third hand that Henry would not be around anymore and had recently purchased a gun.

Caller said multiple people were concerned for Henry.

Officer made contact with West, who said he was moving and was beginning to move things out of his apartment. West said he didn’t know where the gun statement had come from.

Officer notes Henry has been asked to leave the apartment by the end of month.


Nature: Noise Complaint

Caller: Refused

Caller says West has been evicted, and has until Wednesday to get out. Says this is an ongoing issue.

Says “guy is blaring the radio from his apartment.”

Officer says both parties have been spoken to, radio turned down.


Nature: Suspicious Activity

Caller: Redacted

Reporting party says husband’s ex-girlfriend told reporting party’s husband that neighbor has been taking photos of reporting party and family.

Officer spoke with reporting party and Henry West. “At this point all civil.”

Editor's note: The original version of this article listed the November 2013 structure fire incident as occurring in Henry West's apartment, under the "Complete List of Contacts". Reports indicated the structure happened at someone else's apartment; this article has been updated with that correction. The original version of the "Complete List of Contacts" also noted that an officer said West had a handgun, during the 07/28/19 incident. The notes in the report were actually from a dispatcher, listing what the caller had said. NewsChannel 7 regrets the error and has updated the article with that correction.

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