Wausau Police Report: Former substitute regrets joke and touching of student

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 6:37 PM CST
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The Wausau Police report for the case involving a now former substitute teacher charged with child sexual assault shows what the accused remembers from the incident.

7 Investigates obtained a copy of the report, which shows police interviewed with Zachary Robins on Oct. 17 and confirmed a lot of information that the alleged victims told the forensic interviewer.

According to the report, Robins told officers he knew which students they were referring to and that he understood now that he had made an inappropriate joke to one of them.

"Oh hey hun, do your parents ever like, tickle you in the back through the holes or something," he recalled asking the student referring to some larger holes in her shirt. He told police he "jokingly poked her between one of the holes..."

Robins said he regretted those actions later that evening.

He said he typically touches the small of students' backs if he knelt down to help them with their work, "but he realized now that not all students would be comfortable with that."

When asked he if touched the student anywhere else, he said when he was helping another student he had his hand on a student's chair and when that student sat down, the back of his hand made contact with the student's butt, but he said he immediately removed his hand. He "stated that was the only time his hand went below the small of" a student's back.

Both alleged victims told forensic interviewers Robins touched their butts, but did not say anything to Robins. One of them told the interviewer they were too nervous to say anything. The other said they tried to "scooch away."

When police asked if Robins got any pleasure or sexual gratification from touching the students, he said "No, there was no malicious intent behind it." Those are questions prosecutors will have to prove otherwise in order to move his two charges of first degree child sexual assault to conviction.

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