Physical therapists continue critical work through COVID-19 precautions

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 2:31 PM CDT
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COVID-19 has closed or changed the way a lot of businesses and clinics operate, but physical therapists at Health in Motion in Wausau are taking in face-to-face patients because their work is so critical.

Though some might think of therapy as non-essential, it is actually important for those coming off of surgery explained physical therapist Ben Solheim.

"The rehab afterwards is where a lot of the hard work gets done it's absolutely necessary and you're on a bit of a time clock. So getting it done early and right away instead of waiting is very important. We're here to serve those people in that situation," Solheim added.

But the visits come with precautions to protect staff.

"We're screening them to make sure they're safe and they're not in a high-risk category," Solheim explained.

They're even seeing patients virtually.

"For those folks we do have a telehealth option where we can treat them at home," Solheim said.

Either way, you don't have to go to a clinic or hospital to get treatment.

"They can come directly to us and we're able to diagnose and understand what's going on with the. Be able to get them the care right away. So we'd rather have people come directly to us and not have to go to a hospital or go to a situation where they'll involve a lot more people," Solheim explained.

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