Photographers donate time to capture first responder memories

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Dozens of Wausau first responders and about 100 photographers took over the 400 Block in Wausau on Monday.

The goal was to get some photos for not only the departments, but an organization formed after the March 22 shootings last year.

The Everest Metro Police Department Blue Hearts is an organization designed to help local law enforcement, their families and honor fallen officers nationwide.

David Junion, a professional photographer out of Weston, helped stage the shoot as part of a national photographer’s workshop called After Dark Education. Junion’s goal is to make calendars with some of the photos to raise money for EMPD Blue Hearts.

"We want to support law enforcement you know because they were out there on the front lines doing all the hard work for us,” said Brian DeMint, a mentor with After Dark Education. "Some of the photographers that are here, the mentors are some of the best in the United States in their field and some of the attendees are some of the better photographers as well."

Different departments like the bomb squad, the Wausau Fire Department, S.W.A.T, snipers and the K-9 Unit had their own stations.

Handler Dan D’Acquisto worked with his K-9 partner to capture the perfect image. D’Acquisto says it wasn’t just fun, it was also a chance for Monty to get some extra training while being in the community.

The daughters of Everest Metro Police Detective Jason Weiland, who was killed in the March 22 shootings, also took part. They say they loved getting involved in the shoot, and enjoyed working with David Junion.

"He's very energetic and pretty hyper and it was pretty funny, it was pretty hard to keep a straight face,” Anna Weiland said.