Parents could see hike in babysitter fees on New Year's Eve

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- 14-year-old Izzy Krolow doesn’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve, but she has an idea of how she’d like to spend the holiday.

"I would love to babysit for people that have any plans or anything, I'm kind of looking for any. There's a lot of people in my friend group looking for people that need a babysitter,” Krolow said.

YWCA Child Development Assistant Director Nick Salimes said the demand for child care is especially high on New Year’s Eve

"It's a special time to spend with a partner so it's good to get out, and get out of the house and there's usually all kinds of things going on, from benefits to parties and things like that.”

Some babysitters have taken notice, raising their rates to take advantage of the demand. On sites like UrbanSitter, babysitters are charging as much as $60 an hour for child care.

Krowlow was shocked by the number.

"I think that is way too much! I mean if there was 10 kids and one babysitter, I'd kind of understand, but that is a lot of money!"

Salimes said a rate increase on New Year’s Eve can work, if it’s within reason.

"I think it's fair to say, pay them a little extra for that night. They're willing to not go out and do their own things to come and babysit so you can go out. I think they deserve a little bit more.”

Wausau mom Janessa Plank understands the reasoning behind a potential rate hike, but said she might look into other options should the price get too high.

“I could maybe find another babysitter, or maybe just spend New Year's with my kid instead,” Plank said.

If she does find work for the holiday, Krolow said she’ll stick with her normal fee.

"I just feel like, I'm going to be there if they need me, and it doesn't really matter how much I'll charge,” Krolow said.

If you’re still looking for a babysitter for New Year’s Eve, Salimes recommends asking someone you know to babysit if possible.

If you aren’t able to find someone you know, he adds that places like the YWCA can point you in the right direction to someone with experience.