Packers fans hope Jordy Nelson retires as a Packer

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Even though Jordy Nelson hasn’t suited up in green and gold for the past year, it doesn’t mean Packers fans have forgotten about him.

Within minutes of posting his retirement on WBAY’s Facebook page, more than a hundred people commented with well wishes for him and his family.

“Jordy is a class act. So many great memories. I wish him the very best for his future,” wrote Tina Collins.

Edie Minor wrote, “You had a great run with the Green Bay Packers. Enjoy your retirement now.”

Life-long Packers Fan Neil Milbrant said he’s always been a Jordy Nelson fan.

“I actually remember him when he played at Kansas State, too, was a fan of him there,” said Milbrant. “Just a good citizen, good player, and good chemistry with Aaron Rodgers.”

“I loved Jordy Nelson playing. It was great and a classy guy,” said Jim Benson, Packers Fan. “The great connection between him and Rodgers was awesome.”

Although fans are sad to see his NFL career come to an end, they do have one last wish when it comes to the green and gold.

“A lot of good memories with the Packers. Maybe the Packers could sign him to a one-day contract, you know, he could retire as a Packer,” said Milbrant.

“He’s a good, classy guy. I hope he comes back, signs on and retires as a Packer,” said Benson.

When asked if Nelson would receive more love retiring as a Packer than an Oakland Raider, Benson said, “Oh absolutely, ask anyone in town.”

“Good luck Jordy, appreciated your time here,” said Milbrant