Packers coaches talk virtual offseason, QB room, Pettine addresses NFC Title Game

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WSAW)- Packers’ offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has drawn inspiration from outside football for help coaching virtually.

"How to dive into it from high school teachers, just ‘hey how do you teach? You know how do you do this?” Hackett said. “And actually going through a lot of this with my children. You know my wife has been teaching them, and seeing their process, because in the end we're all teachers."

On the other side of the ball, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine takes us inside what his teaching looks like.

"We're pushing out recorded videos, from both myself and other position coaches about a certain defense,” Pettine said. “Players are responsible to watch it, and then they meet on it.”

“And we've really limited our meetings to just the positions because it's just very inefficient in Zoom. It's difficult to kind of have the whole unit together."

Just because the coaching isn't done in person, doesn't mean the players aren't held to standards by professor Pettine.

"The one thing that we've been pretty relentless about is the quizzing part of it, the testing on the content,” said Pettine. “We track their scores, we post leaderboards. It's important right now because it's our only way to compete."

For Pettine, the theme of this unconventional offseason? Keep it simple.

"I think everybody it's kind of a back to basics approach. You have to scale it back and understand 'what's our fastball?’"

Green Bay is also lucky that they're attacking this with a staff that's been together for a season, as opposed to last offseason, when LaFleur, Hackett, and more were new in town.
"It is nice to think to set there and think like wow, what if this would've happened last year? I mean gosh a staff just getting together for the first time,” Hackett said. “It's so much different just as coaches being able to converse over Zoom, phone, all of that stuff, just being together for a year. That is definitely a big positive."


For someone who most Packers fans had never heard of before the draft, Jordan Love has quickly become the talk of Titletown. Most notably his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, his timeline for becoming a starter, and how that affects Rodgers’ timeline in Green Bay.

"From Jordan’s standpoint, being a young quarterback, I think for him it's being a sponge,” said Hackett. “He's got a great opportunity right now to learn from one of the greatest to ever play the game. I think the more that he can learn from him, the more that he can dive into the system.”

“Obviously the transition from college to the NFL is so different. I think it's just so important to learn, and learn the language, and learn the different protection schemes, the pass concepts. I think that's going to be a huge thing for Jordan."\


A big part of the Packers success last season was a defense that went from 22nd in the league in points allowed in 2018, to 9th this past year. It was also a season that ended on a very sour note on that side of the ball.

That came in the form of the 37-20 beatdown the San Francisco 49ers put on the Pack to end their season, which included 285 yards rushing in a thoroughly dominant performance. After that game, Lafleur seemed to be non-committal to bringing back Pettine for a third season.

"There was never a moment where I felt I would be anywhere other than in Green Bay,” said Pettine. “And I know he addressed it at the combine. But even since the meeting we had before his interview, he and I had been full speed ahead.”

“So I know a lot was made of it. There was a little bit of angst with my wife about it, but I was fine with it."