PFAS a concern in Marinette County

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MARINETTE COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) The water quality in Marinette County has been a concern, thanks to PFAS, otherwise known as forever chemicals. These chemicals can be found in many every day products, including firefighting foam. In Marinette, Tyco has been making firefighting foam for decades.

However, the DNR recently reported that drinking wells in Peshtigo have tested positive for PFAS. Tyco started investigating the firefighting foam's effect on groundwater in 2017.

Rekha Agrawal, vice president and general manager for Tyco says that the company has done a number of things in the community such as water sampling. $140 million was also put aside to cleanup PFAS pollution in Marinette.

The Centers for Disease Control is unsure of the health effects from exposure to low levels of PFAS. However lab studies show that exposure to large amounts of the man-made chemicals could affect growth and development, reproduction, and thyroid function.

Senator Tammy Baldwin says that the Environmental Protection Agency should take leadership in setting a national standard for safe drinking water.

Tyco is currently working with city and town leaders to provide a new source of water to affected residents.