Overspending during the holidays

(WZAW) -- We all know the holidays are joyful, jolly and expensive. The opportunities to overspend are endless. From gifts to parties to travel to decorations, little indulgences and hidden costs appear around every cheery corner.

Cyber experts say there are some tips and tricks to be mindful of when online shopping to keep yourself safe. (MGN)

In fact, a nationwide SunTrust holiday survey found that 56% of Americans have felt pressure to overspend during the holidays. But amid wrapping picture-perfect presents to making an appearance at every festive gathering, how do people really want to spend their holiday season?

Financial well-being expert Brian Nelson Ford is joined NewsChannel 7 via satellite on Friday. He talked about ways for staying in control of spending during the holiday season.

The biggest tips Ford offered was to set expectations with family and friends to eliminate financial stress, allocate your time and budget for what matters most and prioritize holiday activities that help you live your best life, like giving to others or hosting a potluck gathering at home this season.