Only on 7: Appleton native living in Australia shares her experience dealing with widespread wildfires

WAUSAU, Wis. (WZAW) -- Amy Miller is from Appleton and for the past few years has lived in Sydney, Australia. She spoke to NewsChannel 7's Holly Chilsen about her experience with the country's widespread bush fires.

Amy Miller talks about her experience living in Australia where devastating wildfires have been burning for months (WZAW photo).

"The fires aren't that close, but close enough that we can experience the smoke and other effects. The fires are an hour north, west and south of us," Miller said.

Although Miller and her husband are not directly impacted, lifestyles have had to change, as national parks have closed and many events have been canceled.

Miller said a lot of people have been wearing masks when going outside, due to the smoke.

"It's been pretty shocking, because the wildfire season goes throughout our summer here, and it started earlier. It actually started in spring, and there's really no end in sight as far as them going out," she added. "All they can do is control which direction they're going in. So it's a bit traumatizing that we'll have to deal with this for another two months."

In the conversation, Miller shared two photos she took from her balcony. The first was taken on a typical day of a picturesque city-scape that was unobstructed. The second photo was taken, Miller said, on one of the worst days they've had so far, with smoke blocking a once beautiful view.

Health authorities there have recommended that people wear masks when outdoors, especially if they have any respiratory conditions.

"I live in Australia for a reason, to enjoy the beautiful countryside, and right now it's burning, so it's just hard to wrap my head around," Miller said somberly.