Online fundraiser aims to save Waupaca County dairy farm

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FREMONT, Wis. (WBAY ) -- The dairy industry in Wisconsin, and across the country, is struggling. Last year alone, more than 300 Wisconsin farms stopped milking cows.

In order to stop yet another small dairy farm from going under, the community is coming together to help a Waupaca County couple.

Just off Highway 45 in Fremont is the Rieckmann family farm. It's a small dairy farm with 52 cows that's facing a lot of uncertainty.

“With the milk prices being so low, and everything, the feed prices don't go down, the milk prices hit rock bottom,” said Mary Rieckmann who lives on the farm with her husband John.

She and John raised seven children on their farm.

“We need help to save these small farms like this, because there aren’t hardly any of them left anymore,” said Russell, son of Mary and John Rieckmann.

The land was bought by John's family in the 1800's.

“My dad, bought it from my grandpa, I bought it from my dad, so I'm the 4th generation down here,” said Rieckmann.

The farm is hanging on by a thread and the bill collectors keep calling which is a constant reminder that times are tough. But the community is trying to help with a Go Fund Me page online, hoping it will keep the Rieckmann's above water. So far it's raised more than $5,000.

Click here to donate to the Rieckmann Family Go Fund Me.

The support means a lot to Mary, John, and their children who want to take it over because it's not just a farm, it's the memories, it’s home.

“It's a hard job, it's a hard life, but it's a good life,” said Mary.