One cheese, two delicious dishes

Published: May. 22, 2019 at 8:18 AM CDT
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Looking for tips on a quick and easy weeknight meal? Search no further, your grill-ready go-to Wisconsin cheese, Juustoleipa is ready to step in to make your weeknight meals a little more Wow!

Juustoleipa is pronounced hoo-stah-lee-pa in its native Scandinavia. It’s also commonly referred to as “bread cheese,” because of its light crust that’s, well, similar to toasted bread.

Bread cheese was originally made from reindeer milk in northern Finland and Sweden. For real! Cows are slightly more common in Wisconsin, so we make this squeaky, buttery, slightly caramelized cheese from cow’s milk. Because juustoleipa has such low acidity, it doesn’t melt when heated.

It’s delicious when warmed, but the cheese doesn’t melt instead softens to buttery, creamy goodness. Warm this delicious cheese on the griddle or the grill.


A great weeknight meal for two! The apple-honey vinaigrette pairs beautifully with the warm juustoleipa. Juustoleipa, with origins in Finland and Sweden, means "bread cheese”. It’s delicious when warmed. Juustoleipa is unique as the cheese doesn’t melt instead it softens to buttery, creamy goodness.


Juustoleipa, or bread cheese, has a soft, buttery texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. When crafted, it is baked in special ovens giving it a toasty, caramelized crust. Try tomato basil or jalapeño flavored on your veggie burgers!

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