North Central Technical College hosts sexual assault seminar

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- April is sexual assault awareness month and North Central Technical College is trying to help the community understand the sex offender registry.

"As part of the month we want to create awareness about the different impacts that sexual assault can have and we thought it would be important to talk about sex offenders and how they're supervised in our community," said Jessica Lind, Sexual Assault Victim Coordinator at the Women’s Community.

“We talk a little bit about what the registry is, the purpose of the registry, and the types of crimes that would fall into the registry and where information is available," Marathon County District Attorney Theresa Wetzstone added.

The discussion on sex offenders is an important one, especially for parents who want to keep their families safe.

"You can’t tell a sex offender by looking at them. We cover that in our presentation, that sex offenders don't have a certain race, gender, or look," Wetzstone explained.

The best thing that someone can do is to learn about the topic.

"Knowledge is power and we really have to educate people about how sex offenders operate and how they're supervised. Whether they are released into the community whether it is under community supervision or from prison, they are being monitored and supervised," Lind said.

"The numbers may surprise the public as to how many sex offender we have in Marathon County," Wetzstone explained.

For those who have been personally affected, they do not stand alone.

"It is important to come forward, and it's important to know you will be supported when you do," Wetzstone added.