Newman Catholic hosts basketball watch party for students

Published: Mar. 8, 2019 at 5:31 PM CST
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The Newman Catholic girls’ basketball team is a perennial contender for the state title. Today they fell to undefeated Clayton 45-37.

Despite the loss, the game provided a unique opportunity for students who didn’t go to Green Bay to come together and support their Cardinals from afar. A watch party was hosted for around 20 students at the school.

"I think it's important for people to get together and, you know, to cheer on a cause,” said Doug Beck, a sixth-grade teacher at Newman who chaperoned the watch party. “[It’s important] to cheer on the people that have committed their season."

While being in school may not have created the same environment as actually being at the game, it certainly created a more fun day than usual.

"I think they honestly enjoyed the camaraderie, I think they enjoyed being together,” said Beck. “It was a school setting, but it was a more relaxed setting where they could see like 'hey, this is the big stage.'"

A large majority of the group that stayed behind were middle school students at Newman, and Beck believes the experience of watching their elder classmates provided a valuable lesson for them.

Beck explained: "There's more than just going to school, there's other things. There's activities, there's other recreation (activities). Some of these people work really hard to get where they're at, and I think that's important for especially some of the younger kids to see that."

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