New campaign targets smurfing in the state

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 6:22 PM CDT
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At press conference on Tuesday Attorney General Brad Schimel announced a new campaign against meth and in particular smurfing.

"We have limits on how much you can buy in any 30 day period in Wisconsin and you have to show an ID. So what a lot of the producers are doing is getting other people to go buy the pseudoephedrine products for them and it is called smurfing," explained Schimel.

The campaign comes with new posters at pharmacy locations and a uniform tracking system to monitor drug purchases. Which police said the problem of meth comes from all over.

"We see a lot of meth coming into this area from outside of our area especially its coming fromt the Fox Valley area or the twin cities," said Sheriff Scott Parks of Marathon County.

If you have not purchased any pseudopehedrine products since June 1st you will notice a difference at the pharmacy.

"You will notice a difference because now you have to present your license and we have to input our computer to check against what you purchased in the past if you've got anything," said Randy Athens, Chief Pharmacist at Trig's.

The punishment for smurfing is a felony.