Nekoosa state shoot highlights trapshooting popularity

Published: Jul. 15, 2018 at 6:09 PM CDT
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On the sandy soil in Nekoosa, sits what some would call a hidden gem, beloved by those who know it's there, unphased by the sounds of gunshots.

"This is our sixth state shoot but our fifth anniversary. The Wisconsin Trapshooting Association is in the 119th, this is the 119th state shoot," Amy Jenkins, Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Secretary, said.

Wisconsin holds the third largest state shoot in the United States, so it might not come as a surprise to learn that shooters from all over the country come and take part.

"They come from all over the United States. I know there's people here from California, Colorado, Florida, Texas. All over," Jenkins said.

Shooters say, it's the sports accessibility that has convinced those curious about it to pick up a gun and give it a try.

"It doesn't matter you could be a male, female, 12 years old, 72 years old. They put you in classes according to your abilities, Gerald & Cheryl Demulling, WTA Hall of Famers, said.

Regardless age or gender, after hitting their first target, many shooters are hooked.

"Cause once they start hitting those targets, they're like 'yeah I want to do this some more'," Demulling said.

And it's that thrill that could have shooters coming to this hidden gem in Nekoosa, for the next 119 years.

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