Neighbors react to Weston shooting incident

Published: Mar. 23, 2017 at 4:17 PM CDT
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Tenants of the Aspen Street Apartments have shared their accounts of what they saw Wednesday following an officer's death and stand off situation.

Zach Shields said he was visiting family at the building when he saw several squad car enter the building parking lot.

“As I was looking down I heard a couple of shots and as I was looking up I saw the cops and saw them start to fire. And at that point I just got down quickly, shut my door and stayed there,” Zach Shield said.

Chelsea Shields lives in the building and is a mother of two children.

“It was really scary”, she explained. “I immediately told work I needed to leave. Everything was going through my head that could horribly happen and I heard Zach was in the parking lot-- my brother, and I’m like 'what if that was him being shot right now',” she said.

Chelsea Shield said she planned to stay at her mother's house following the news some people were not being allowed back in to the building.

Juan Lopez also live in the Aspen Street Apartments. He said he was home when the situation began.

“Got a knock on the door, was told to get out the house got my two kids, grabbed coats and jackets and got out,” he said.

The Red Cross is assisting eight families from the building.