Navy recruiter saves choking HS student

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COLBY, Wis. (WSAW)-- Maggie Sobeck is finishing up her freshman year at Colby High School in the classroom and on the links.

"This season I was the top JV golfer and I've been shooting some of the lowest scores," Sobeck said.

Kiara Schuster is a Navy recruiter and visited the school during lunch back on May 13.

"Ask students who are walking by, or who stopped by and talked with us, to fill out some surveys," Schuster said. "See if they're interested."

During her lunch break, with Schuster just a few feet away, Maggie began choking on a potato wedge.

"I kind of remember just going to talk to my friend," Sobeck recalled

"All of a sudden I heard a lot of coughing," Schuster said.

"My friends were really scared," said Sobeck.

"She turned to one of her friends and pointed at her throat," Schuster said, mimicking a pointing motion.

"Oh my gosh, I'm choking," Sobeck recalled.

"Standing at my table I just walked over and did the Heimlich," Schuster said, demonstrating her actions.

In a matter of moments, the choking stopped. Thanks to the calm demeanor of Hospital Corpsman Petty Officer 2nd Class Schuster.

"One thing they teach you is to keep your composure. When you have to do something, you know what to do, you know when to do it. It's just that instinct."

With a sore throat and a lasting memory, the two carried on with the rest of their days.

"She said thank you. I had her drink a little bit of milk and then I informed one of the teachers," Schuster said.

"I was able to go out and golf and did pretty good I think," said Sobeck.

Maggie still hasn't had any potato wedges since that day.