Navy SEAL rejected by New York fire department because he was too old gets second chance to join

Shaun Donovan, a 38-year-old Navy SEAL, has gotten a second shot at joining the FDNY. (Source: Shaun Donovan/CNN)

(CNN) – New York state lawmakers recently passed a measure that will give a Navy SEAL another chance to fulfill a dream.

Shaun Donovan, 38, was rejected earlier this year by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) for being too old.

When he applied in 2017, the FDNY’s policy allowed military veterans to deduct up to six years off their current age, depending on how long they served, to meet the maximum age requirement of 29, which made Donovan roughly six months past the cutoff date.

But thanks to a bill signed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday, veterans are now allowed to trim up to seven years from their age at the time of their application for public service positions.

Jim Long, the FDNY director of public information, said Donovan will receive a job offer based on his performance on the department’s written and physical exams. If Donovan accepts, he’ll need to go through a background check and medical, physical and psychological testing.

Though Donovan grew up in Tucson, Arizona, his family came from Staten Island, and it’s been his longtime dream to join the FDNY.

He’s now on active duty in California, but he hopes to retire from the Navy in 2020 to work for the fire department.

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