Mishicot School District takes action against youth vaping

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MISHICOT, Wis. (WBAY) - As students get more creative about hiding their vaping, the Mishicot School District wants to make sure they know what they're putting in their body.

What might look like a soda can or deodorant can really be a storage compartment for students to hide their vape.

"We had a student in class that was actually vaping a couple of feet away from a teacher and the teacher had no idea," School Resource Officer Neil Derner said.

Vape Educate is a 5-hour online course the district is using to teach students the side effects of vaping and how it's marketed.

"The community as a whole is just beginning to learn about the possible long-term effects of breathing in these vapes, so I think this educational piece is going to go a long way,” Mishicot Superintendent and high school principal Paul Orlich said.

Right now the courses are being taken by 7th and 9th grade students and is being used as an alternative to suspension for students caught vaping.

"I cannot consequence the vaping problem to go away,” Orlich said. “We need that educational piece."

School resource officers are planning an informational session for parents to learn how vapes can be hidden in plain sight.

“Through prior trainings I have seen this stuff before, but a lot of the educators and parents have not,” Derner said.

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