Your Town Minocqua: Minocqua's new fire department is built for growth

Published: Jun. 10, 2018 at 9:03 PM CDT
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The Minocqua Fire Department moved into a new $3 million home this year and it was meant for a growing department.

It has a gym, more training space and more garage space, something that was needed in the old building.

This will allow the department to store more equipment on-site and accommodate new trucks if they need them.

"It's three to four times the size of the one we moved out of. It seems like a lot of extra room now, but we'll be filling it up shortly with different seasonal things, boats, ATV's and winter type off-road vehicles for snowmobile accidents," Minocqua Fire Chief Andy Petrowski said.

Another new feature in the department is a history room, specially made for students and people interested in learning more about how the department got to where it is today.

"The kids will come through from the schools here a lot of grade school kids, a lot of fire prevention stuff will be stored here and the kids will get to learn a lot about what it was like then to what it's like now," Chief Petrowski said.

The building was built to last 80-100 years and was intentionally built larger so the city wouldn't have to add any additions to the building over that time span.

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