Milwaukee Health Department Prepares for the Democratic National Convention

Milwaukee (WSAW) -- The Milwaukee Health Department is preparing for any kind of public health emergency, like weather, an outbreak, or terrorism ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Health Department staff recently returned from a trip to Charlotte, to learn how past host cities handled public health emergencies during conventions.

DNC CEO Joe Solmonese says he tries not to let the recent string of mass shootings keep him from narrowing is focus on keeping the area secure.

The department is also getting prepared to handle any kind of weather or health emergency. This means that restaurants will have to deal with a different kind of health inspection before the the convention.

Solmonese says because of the size of the event, both federal and state agencies have to make sure they are both on the same page, and have all their bases covered.

Security zone parameters for law enforcement will be implemented by the Secret Service in January.