Milwaukee County reports state's 9th COVID-19 death

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The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office reports the state's ninth death from COVID-19.

The death will be added to the state's official case number Friday.

The patient was a 79-year-old Milwaukee woman who died from complications Thursday morning. She had been hospitalized since March 16.

WBAY-TV reports state health officials say most people fully recover from the coronavirus in a week or two. Twenty to 25 percent of people are hospitalized after their diagnosis. About 10 percent go into ICU.

in a news conference Thursday, health officials emphasized the most likely way to get the coronavirus is from person-to-person contact. "The most important way this spreads is through coughs and sneezes and close contact," Dr. Ryan Westergaard, an infectious disease specialist for the state Department of Health Services, emphasized.

Health officials addressed a number of questions, including whether it's safe to get food from takeout or the grocery store or eat produce other people touched. Health officials acknowledged the virus can live on surfaces for a few hours to a day but said our usual ways of getting food are still safe. Again, they emphasized the person-to-person risk is higher than touching something that might have the virus on it.

Can people get the coronavirus twice? Scientists don't know yet if being exposed to the virus once builds enough immunity.

Can a pregnant woman pass the virus to her unborn child? There's no evidence of that, because coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets.

Test results are now being turned around in 1 or 2 days. Wednesday, 40 labs around the state were reporting data to the state.

DHS released their latest numbers Thursday. They stated 707 people had COVID-19.