Milk jug project gives Marshfield kids a chance to learn about engineering

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) --- A Marshfield daycare center is incorporating STEM learning techniques, along with recycling and a little imagination.

Bright Horizons is a childcare center on the Marshfield Medical Center-Marshfield campus. Kids there are collecting milk jugs and engineering a castle.

This is the second year they've done a project like this, and this year they were inspired by Elsa's castle in the movie, Frozen. Older and younger kids get a chance to share ideas and learn about design.

With no set blueprint, the building process also offers a chance for students to experiment with trial and error and learn in a creative way.

For the past few weeks, the kids and staff members have been collecting milk jug donations and have been creating the castle from the base up. It presents the perfect opportunity for kids to have a chance to solve problems and learn about different aspects of engineering.

"The hands-on component and the cooperative playing and construction really helps them build the understanding of the cooperation and collaboration that's needed to be successful. When we work together, there's strengths that I may have someone else doesn't have and there's strengths that someone else has that I don't, but collectively we can get that much farther," said Tonya Glamann, the manager with Bright Horizons.

Last year's igloo project featured 877 jugs, which were then recycled a month after being on display.

The group will recycle this one as well, after plenty of onlookers get a chance to experience it.

To be able to complete this castle of jugs, they do need more building supplies donated. If you have any empty milk jugs, or will in the near future, the center will gladly accept them. All they ask is that you thoroughly rinse the jug out before you bring it to the center.