Middle and high school girls max out manufacturing and engineering camps two summers in a row

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WAUSAU, Wis.(WSAW) It's not your typical summer camp for girls. There's no sleepovers or team building activities. A four day camp, Girls Make It Reel, is all about welding, manufacturing and engineering.

It is put on by North Central Technical College (NTC). Director of Recruitment Zachary Popp said the Girls Make It Real camp isn't any different than curriculum that would be given to males but the fact the camp is exclusively female is done intentionally.

"This allows them to be a little more comfortable being that they're not the one girl in a class at school that is all boys" he said.

Welding Instructor Veronica Hop will lead the girls through hands-on activities in the areas of welding, engineering and machine tool.

Popp said the college didn't have any trouble filling the spots in the camp either. It was the opposite problem. There was so much interest in the camp that some had to be turned away.

NTC leadership says this could be a signal that workforce demographics are soon to change the three male dominated fields. You can find more information on day camps and educational programs at https://ntc.edu.