Messy road conditions from rain and melting snow

WAUSAU, WIs. (WSAW)-- With the mix of rain and snow melting, Wausau’s snow piles are creating other problems for drivers.

“A lot of snow on the banks, shoulders are icy and the water can’t run off the edge of the shoulders. And the culverts aren't taking it right now, we have some from culverts," Marathon County Highway Department Supervisor John Bangart said.

With the water pooling up by the bucket load and nowhere for it to go, the Highway Department has to act fast.

"We're trying to get our pipes open and we're actually digging snow out of the ditches to get the water to drain. It's happening all over the county and we're doing the best we can to get to every spot before the end of the day today," Bangart added.

Even though they plan to get most of the water out of the streets, they won’t make it everywhere. So the highway department is preaching safety if people encounter water on the roads.

"We're probably not going to get to all the spots today, new ones pop up every hour and water seeps out to the road. A person just has to be careful going through the water," Bangart explained.

With more rain and warm weather on the way, the highway department knows they will see flooding in the future.

"Oh we definitely know there's going to be flooding. It's just the nature of the beast. We see it every year but we're seeing it faster this year because of the amount of snow we're getting," Bangart said.

The Marathon County had a Facebook post with tips on how to stay safe on the roads. People should reduce speeds on icy and wet roads. Give extra space for cars in front to avoid collisions. Finally be on alert for changing road conditions.