Medical students receive first of its kind training in the state

Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 4:24 PM CDT
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The Medical College of Wisconsin is the first medical school in the state to offer students EpiPen training, thanks to Dillion's Law.

It was given to 46 medical school students here in Wausau on Thursday.

Dillion Mueller suffered an allergic reaction and died in 2014 after not receiving epinephrine which can be delivered through EpiPens. In 2017, a law was signed to allow anybody to carry EpiPens across the state. This course trains people to administer them safely.

"Our course gives a hands on lesson and at the end of it they are able to get a prescription from their primary care provider and carry it with them in Wisconsin," explained Dr. Len Markman, an Osteopathic Physician.

This hour long training is already saving lives. "We've had two students now who have already saved someone else's life. A 14-year-old in Michigan and a beekeeper in eastern Wisconsin," said Markman.

"Becoming a physician is all about learning how to take care of your patients and the broader community health and this is good way for students to see how they can make an impact," said Dr. Ellen Schuman, the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The program is funded through the Dillion Mueller Memorial Fund. The hope is to spread the program nationwide.