Medical College of Wisconsin-Central Wisconsin readies newest class of students

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Medical College of Wisconsin Central Wisconsin regional campus is gearing up to accept its third class of students. Staff held a meet-and-greet Thursday night, giving people an opportunity to learn about the school and what it offers.

Opening in the Wausau area just two years ago, the medical school has 50 students who are taking an accelerated course to get them into the workforce quicker. The Medical College has two regional campuses, one in Wausau and one in Green Bay.

When it was announced Wausau was getting a campus, students, like Britt, knew it was the opportunity to pursue medical school. She's an aspiring doctor.

"Attending medical school here was natural for me. I have a young family, we didn't have to move our family, we didn't have to sell our house. I didn't have to move away from my support system. It was just a perfect opportunity," said Britt, a second year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin Central Wisconsin campus.

Born and raised in Stevens Point, she worked as a nurse for three years at a Wausau hospital.

"I was able to work with a lot of excellent physicians, and they influenced me to pursue medicine," she said.

She's been pursuing medicine while raising four young children. When she first started school, her oldest was 5.

"I think my kids are really benefiting from seeing me work so hard towards this dream of mine," she said.

With an accelerated curriculum, the regional campus in Wausau offers more opportunities for students.

"It allows students a lot of flexibility if they have to get kids off to school or have other obligations, they can adjust their life a little more than you can in a traditional sit-in-a-classroom kind of a program," said Lisa Dodson, Dean of the Medical College of Wisconsin Central Wisconsin campus.

"Considering that I've done extremely well my first two years of medical school, with four young children, I think it says a lot about the determination and the opportunity that's there for people who are non-traditional students," said Britt.

After three years of school, Britt will be assigned a residency somewhere in the country. But her goal is to return home to north central Wisconsin and serve this community.

"I want to be able to give back to my community by returning and providing my services to the community who's rallied behind me and given me the opportunity for this education," she said.

One reason students are able to complete the course work in three years is because classes at the regional campus are year-round, as opposed to a four-year college where students can take the summer off.

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