Medford students, staff testify for more job opportunities at the state capitol

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MADISON, Wis. (WSAW)-- Students and staff from the Medford School District are pushing for more, and equal job opportunities for people with disabilities.

Wednesday, they testified in Madison about their experiences working in their community through the school district's SOAR program.

It provides special education services, volunteer and work opportunities for students with disabilities.

That program inspired legislation called 'Employment First'. The program director shared this story about one student who helped inspire this change in the community.

"Hunter had a seizure that morning at home," Joseph Greget, Medford's Director of Special Education, said. "He had a second seizure on the way to school and he had a third seizure about 10 minutes before he was supposed to give his presentation. His mom was in the audience as well as a local doctor. They gently accompanied him into the hallway, told him that he should go home because he just had his third seizure and they couldn't give him anymore seizure medication because they had already given him some. Hunter politely looked at them and told them 'it's important that I do my job. It's important that I go and give this presentation so our local community can learn more about people like me and why it's important to hire me.'"

The "Employment First" legislation would require state agencies to collaborate and develop a joint plan to assist them in finding employment in the community.