Mayor of Stevens Point participates in world’s largest trivia contest

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STEVENS POINT (WSAW) -- For the last 50 years, the world’s largest trivia contest has taken place on the campus of University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (UWSP).

It’s the one weekend out of the year that the student-run radio station, WWSP 90FM, broadcast 54 hours of non-stop trivia questions as hundreds of teams call in their answers.

“We have more than 300 teams and more than eight thousand participants this year,” stated Amber Hederer, who is a student at UWSP. “Some teams are across the state and others are across the county and we have international teams every year.”

Over the years the contest has become a household activity for many families in the area. Due to the increase in participation, Governor Tony Evers proclaimed the second weekend of April to be State Trivia Weekend.

For Mayor Mike Wiza, who has participated in the contest since he was 10-years-old, he was thrilled.

“This is our trivia headquarters,” Mayor Wiza stated as he looked around the upper level of his home surrounded by a collection of just about anything you can think of. "We never know what The Oz will ask. We have magazines, newspapers, tapes, and board games."

The Mayor's team called, The Franklin Street Burnouts, have been around for 44-years.

"Some teams like to come together just to have fun, and other teams come together and are very serious. Our team is a mixture of both," the Mayor added.

The theme of this years trivia was based on the popular American television series "Hawaii Five-0," to represent the 50th anniversary of the trivia contest.

Jim Oliva, who plays the role as "The Oz," developed questions based on the show and says this is a game that could be played by anyone.

"I think everyone should give it a try," Oliva explained. "If you know someone who is playing, go over and sit with them and see what it's like. I think you will walk away saying it was fun."

The top ten teams will win a trophy with their team names engraved on them. But most importantly, the winners will earn bragging rights.