Your Town: Marshfield schools district's new athletic facility close to completion

Published: Jun. 5, 2019 at 6:08 PM CDT
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Marshfield High School has a prideful history in both education and athletics.

Coming this fall, campus will have a shiny new look to back that up. It's a project more than a decade in the making.

After a long winter, construction is full steam ahead on a massive expansion for Marshfield school district athletic facilities, with work on track to be done in time for the start of next school year and fall sports.

"The high school will have a new synthetic turf field for football and soccer,” said Nathan Delany, Marshfield school district athletic director. “It'll have an eight lane track, a nine lane straightaway."

That's just part of the $11 million project that will also include expanded bleachers, ticket booths, and new lighting to name just a few additions. For those most heavily invested in making this happen, it took a while to digest that what seemed like a pipe dream for so long, would soon become reality.

Jason Wilhelm/Marshfield High School Principal: "Probably the day the bleachers went up, because then it really looks like a stadium now,” said Jason Wilhelm, Marshfield High School principal. “Before that it was you could kind of see and envision where things were going, but the bleachers really put that puzzle together."

Delany added: "Once you start seeing it, it's like 'okay this is actually happening.' We're done talking about it, we're actually going to make this happen."

The most important word used surrounding the project: commitment. Commitment to give the youth of Marshfield the best educational experience possible for decades to come, and a commitment to allow them to pursue whatever their passions may be in life.

Wilhelm said on that note: "I think it speaks to the commitment that we have as a school not only academically, but in terms of what opportunities we have for kids outside of the classroom as well."

It's unlikely you'll hear any arguments from anyone wearing tiger orange and black for decades to come.

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